A Work In Progress

I’ve been giving a lot of thought to what I’m going to write about on my blog.  Too much thought, but that’s how I operate.  What I’m going to write about, how often I’m going to write, if I’m going to swear or keep it more g-rated, how I’m going to incorporate my love of yoga, writing and photography into this place called The Happy Lotus, and what my niche is going to be. 

I liken myself to one of those fireworks… you know, the kind you hear all summer long that make the sound “eeee----oooo---weeet” (short pause) POP!  Except there’s no pop at the end for me.  I start off strong and know exactly what I’m going to write about ... and then I just fizzle. 

I’ve stutter-written about three or four different topics.  First it was about yogis and what I feel are stereotypical views on foods that we should and shouldn’t eat.  EeeOoooWeet… nothing.

Then, with New Year’s approaching, I broached the subject of resolutions and the various articles I had read or been emailed at a dizzying pace.  EeeOoooWeet… nothing. 

I thought of my kids, my dog, my husband, my job, my creativity, the podcasts I listen to, something that talks about the kind of person I am so I’m not just an outline of a grey profile but rather an online persona that has a tangible quality to her.  Dud… dud… dud.  

It wasn’t so much that I have nothing to say on any of these subjects, but more or less can I sustain an online presence talking about one of those particular subjects all the time. 

I’ve given some pretty serious thought to writing about time and how precious it is in all of our lives.  About how I try to find time while juggling housework (which hubbs pitches in on, he’s awesome like that), kids, schedules, pets, life, a Monday-Friday Mom-Hours ‘regular’ job and a very part-time (for now!) yoga teaching job, reading, writing, taking pictures, helping with homework, making the grocery list (with help, thanks B!), shopping (again, thanks B!), relaxing, spending quality time with my family, and going to dinner with friends.  EeeOoooWeet… pop.

It’s a small pop.  But it’s a pop nonetheless.  So, maybe I write about time and how stealing five minutes here and there can help train your mind to get ten minutes, and then longer (or not!).  Or, how a routine (ugh, the same thing over and over? YES), might, at first, help you to learn to take five minutes of time for yourself because god dammit it’s 6:05 and momma gets her five minutes at 6:05! 

Then I read about blogging some more and about how, one article once a week means fifty-two articles a year.  Yikes.  Furthermore, what kind of a blogger/hopefully-one-day-entrepeneur/website-owner-thingy-person am I if I can’t even come up with one article, let alone fifty-freakin-two???  Isn’t that what drives people to my site and keeps them coming back for more is a steady posting schedule? Was I not just talking about coming up with, and sticking to, a routine?!?!  What the crap.  I wanted to write every damn day … until I read that! 

All I wanted was a website to OCD-ly find a nice place to nestle my photography, writing, and yoga together … all wrapped up for presentation in a nice beautiful little arrangement of pink, blue, white and brown.  I didn't know I was going to have to do work along with it!!!  I thought I could just show up and BAM! it was done for me.   

If I had any idea it was going to take THIS much thought… I woulda still done it.  Someone very VERY close to me once told me that the magic happens outside your comfort zone.  (Thanks, Kelley, you yogi rockstar!) 

After thinking of all of these stumbling blocks, I decided to just put this first one out there before the fear of failure became too big. 

Will I post every week or won’t I?  Will I talk about my kids, my hubbs, life, or time management?  Will I post on yoga?  Will I post on anything?  Will I ever post again?!?! 

Will I rant on and on and on over something so small and insignificant you think I’m absolutely crazy, but way way waaaaaaaaay deep down there’s a couple of cells in your body that also absolutely agree with me, and you’re secretly relieved you aren’t the only one that thinks like that, too? 

Who knows?  I guess you’ll just have to come back and check.  I have an email link or newsletter link on here somewhere, and I’d love for you to sign up so you can get any updates to my blog.  I just can’t promise you that I set it up right, but I promise I'll work on it.    

Maybe instead of The Happy Lotus, it should be called A Work in Progress.  Huh, funny… I just came up with the title of my first post. 

Love, Happiness, and Coffee,

~ Heather

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