I did it!

I did it.  And it feels gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood.  I made my own office space.  No, not like the movie, although now I might have to watch it, mmmmmk?  I mean office space as in actual space… in a place… that I can call MY OFFICE…mine...that’s IN MY house!  (Our house if you’re reading this, B! xoxo)   

You know how in the movie Goonies, there’s that scene where Mikey launches into some speech about it being “their time up… their time…UP THERE…but it’s our time…OUR TIME down here!”… all referencing some bucket at the bottom of the well they’re all standing in?  (you can watch it here)  At the end of that big speech, the camera zooms into Mikey who looks down and whispers ‘it all starts here….’, as he stares intently into the water in front of him.  You don’t really know what the hell IT actually is but you know it is something big because of the music and how they've panned slowly over to Mikey's face.  I remember as a kid feeling that funny feeling in my belly (turned out it was the butterflies) and while I didn’t understand it at the time, I knew it just HAD TO BE something big.  

As an adult I realize why I had the butterflies over that scene … it’s really all about these kids that finally have a chance to do something and be the change they want to see in the world … if only they’re willing to step a little out of their comfort zone and GO FOR IT. 

Well, this is my it… my something big…. My difference.  And, just like Mikey, I’m staring off into space.  I know I’m not riding up Troy’s bucket and taking the easy way out.  I’m forging my own path and being the change I want to see in my own little world.

At least that’s what it felt like when I had the idea on a rainy Wednesday afternoon to change part of my house around and subsequently DID it in an hour and a half.  The end result was worth it immediately… I was inspired enough to write about it as well before the feeling escaped me.  

There were woot’s yelled around the house that caused my dog to jump up to see what I was doing.  There were enough trips up and down the stairs to make me realize my quads and abs were a little pulled from my yoga 'sesh earlier today.  There was windex, there was pledge, and there was even a light hung, although the jury is still out on whether this light will make the cut.  (update: it did!)

But in the end I created a book nook which I’m super psyched about, and also a space for my creative side to shine through, whenever I want it to.  What I had been working with was… well, nothing. I had floor space … a board I stacked my supplies on, and had carried down to my living room to work on.  Scrap paper, paper cutter, card stock, laminated pages, glue, brushes, glass stones eventually made it down there as well. I thought that by having my supplies right there and waiting for me would spark that creative flame I really want to light, and have me creating all.the.time.  Ha, riiiiiiiight.  What it did was piss me off that it was out there in the middle of our family room and looked messy, and that I had no energy left at the end of the day to do anything but give it the finger.  I’d also get super annoyed when my dogs hair would collect on and around my supplies.  Even after I had ‘neatly’ tucked under my hutch so I could ‘come back to it whenever I wanted’, which I never did... it was still in my sight… still creating clutter, still pissing me off. That’s when I knew I had to make my own space.  A space I can get to for fifteen minutes when I have fifteen minutes to spare that I could leave messy and come back to later with no guilt if I did or didn’t.  A space to go to so I could mentally ‘clock in’ at the beginning of my day, and definitely ‘clock out’ at the end of it. 

This space created that.  It also eliminated the “Once I" Spell.  “Once I get A done, then I can create…”, followed by “Once I get B done, then I can create…”, I think I’m up to getting X done, and I’m breaking the spell I cast over myself by achieving my space yesterday.  I added more table space … enough to create when the urge strikes.  Enough space to have my computer and laptop on and running for if, no... WHEN that time comes.  I have enough space to (shameless plug) create more I Love Your Rocks!  and work with all of the pictures that aren’t framed, yet … but these and others are!  Yesterday’s inspiration to move some furniture around created the space I need to now have a room to go to and STAY IN, so that when it’s time for me to work, I can do so, without feeling the pull of the dishwasher, or dust bunnies, or <insert whatever else is on my daily list of things to do>. 

Can you tell I’m excited?!?!?!  I can’t wait to create!  First thing I’m creating?  More hours in the day!!! 

Love, Happiness & Coffee

~ Heather ~

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