My Pleasure - November 16th Edition


When I pratice yoga at a studio, there have been times when I show up and have tiptoed into an already quiet room, set up my space and have surrendered to my mat, happy for the peace and quiet in the few minutes before a yoga class.  

Then there are the times when I practice yoga and the room is buzzing with conversation and laughter before practice; whether it's strangers introducing themselves and talking, or friends that haven't seen each other catching up before class.

There have also been times when the room is loud and I'm quiet, or the room is quiet and I'm loud.  While I always try to respect others in these atmospheres, I'm the one aware of the presence or lack of chatter as I find my space with my mat.

Before one of my classes this past week, I was the teacher waiting for class to start, waiting to greet anyone else that might come into the studio.  While waiting, my students were all laughing and talking with each other before class, and I suddenly became aware that the role had reversed... it was MY class they were taking ... *I* was the teacher that they were waiting on for class to begin.  

It put a HUGE smile on my face and I was instantly sucked into the present moment of experiencing this joy first hand.  I stopped everything I was doing, not to listen to what they were all talking about, but listening to the chatter and laughter that floated out of the studio and into the room I was in.  

As soon as I realized how much joy this moment was bringing me, I said out loud to myself, "yep, this is my pleasure for the week!"

Simple... but sometimes it's the simplicity of life that gets lost on us while we're looking for something bigger, .... or waiting for time to pass before teaching or taking a yoga class.  

 Love, Happiness, & Coffee,

~ Heather ~

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