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Ok. I'm switching up my pleasure for the month of December.  And it literally JUST came to me, right now, at 10:47 pm.

Originally I was going to take a break from posting for the month of December.  I had started writing about it and everything.  

Then, I remembered two letters. 


AJ is my Boo and my Bubbah's Elf on the Shelf.  He has been diligently showing up at our house just after Thanksgiving and stays until Christmas Eve every year since around 2010.  For those of you that do not know what I'm talking about, the Elf on the Shelf is an elf that moves while your child(ren) sleep.  He flies up to the North Pole and back, every single night to report to The Big Man (aka Santa) on your child(ren)'s behavior and your kids know this because he's never in the same spot twice.  If he is, surely, he must be broken or your kids aren't getting presents from Santa or your elf is sick or maybe he just liked his spot sooooooo much that he decided to stay there for another day ... or five.  Elves get tired too, you know.  God forbid that little 8" thing not move... commence meltdown of extraordinary measures ... so I've heard.  

Well, our little elf, AJ, spent his first year or two being just that .. an Elf on a shelf.  He moved from place to place, but that was it.  THEN he became mischievous.  He's stripped cabinets, cut up magazines, defaced picture frames, and even made flour angels on our counter.  This elf is straight up nuts...he picked the right family to hang out with.    

This elf also brings me extreme pleasure for the few weeks he's in our home.  Each day he's up to something; very rarely is he just hanging out.   

So, instead of taking the month OFF from posting, I'm going to post in pictures of what our elf has been up to for the past week, and what pleasures he brings us each day.  

AJ showed up on Saturday, pictured above, and my kids went ballistic when they found him, chilling out by the window that must have been open to let him in.  Or maybe he flew through it ... you just never know with him.

Today, he was attempting the Great Escape towards our skylight, complete with a following of Lego people in tow, pictured below.

Where will he be tomorrow?  You'll have to wait and see...

Love, Happiness, and Coffee,

~ Heather ~


The Great Escape

The Great Escape

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