AJ The Elf - Log 12.1.15


Do you know what an advent calendar is?  It's basically a countdown to Christmas.  Growing up, we had this one that my mom made that is AWESOME.  I used to get so excited when I saw it come out each year around Christmastime.  We would each take turns putting ornaments on the 'tree', yelling out "I'm doing the advent calendar!" while the rest of the family would run in and see what ornament would be chosen.  My favorite ornament were the circular ones, a yellow one trimmed in green with a red sequin in the middle to be exact.  We had a snowman that we tried not to put up until it snowed, and on the 24th, we'd all take a corner of the star and put the star on the top of the tree together.  

In true family fashion, making sure traditions carry on, my mom and dad bought my family an advent calendar, and we've carried on much of the same traditions with our kids.  My kids get excited when they spot the advent calendar, we try not to put the snowman on until we have seen snowflakes, and we all put the star at the top of the tree together, all of us getting more and more excited as the ornaments adorn the tree and Christmas draws closer as told by our advent calendar alone.

Well, according to AJ, it's Christmas.  Today.  And Santa is the star of our tree ... that is, unless you count AJ above him, his hands at heart space, Ohmming it out above the tree.  

Merry Christmas everyone... that came quick, huh?  

Wonder where he'll be tomorrow...

Love, Happiness & Coffee,

~ Heather ~


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