AJ The Elf - Log 12.17.15

AJ & His Own Christmas Tree

AJ & His Own Christmas Tree

AJ made his own Christmas Tree last night!  Or, he came back with one from the North Pole!  He looks pretty proud of it, too!  I love this picture of him; it looks so warm and cozy, especially with all the rain we had today.  

Only 7 days left until Christmas, can you believe it???  Are you all set with shopping and wrapping?  More importantly, are you taking time to pause and enjoy the season?  I know I have been, and I'm thankful for them.  In those moments, I can feel my shoulders relax, my breath deepen, and a smile creep across my face.  It also helps that I've got a couple of munchkins dancing around me giving me the countdown, spinning in circles as they do so, barely able to contain their excitement.  

Love, Happiness & Coffee, 

~ Heather ~ 

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