AJ The Elf - Log 12.18,12.19 & 12.20

Happy Monday!  Can you believe there are less than FOUR days until Christmas?!?!?  Which means it's almost time for AJ to leave us to go help Santa at the North Pole.  Always a bittersweet time for us here.  We're sad to see him go, yet so excited that his exit means Santa's grand entrance is hours away.  He kept us busy this weekend ...  Friday found him hanging from our ceiling fan in a hammock!  Can you say fear of heights conquered???

Saturday AJ was a little more chill, literally. He was in a small stocking with a nibbled peppermint candy cane.  I think he was missing Santa, too.  

Chillin' with a Santa Stocking & a Candy Cane 

Chillin' with a Santa Stocking & a Candy Cane 

Finally, this morning, he was spied hanging out on a wreath that's pretty high up on our chimney.  However, I guess heights don't matter that much to an elf that has to cruise at pretty high altitudes to and from the North Pole on a daily (or nightly) basis.  

Hope you had a great weekend! Did you finish all of your shopping and are now ear deep in wrapping paper?  Are you remembering to find the magic in the mundane?  Have a great Monday ... is that possible?  YES!!!  Smile, because if you're reading this as soon as it was delivered to your inbox, it's already after ten o'clock!!!  Isn't time for a coffee break?  

Love, Happiness, & Endless Coffee On Mondays,

~ Heather ~ 

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