AJ The Elf - Log 12.21.15

First of all, bear with me everyone.  I'm venturing out into the 'more personal touch' vibe of my website and newsletter, and with that sometimes comes glitches... like receiving an email twice or having your email look a little wonky on your smartphone, and leaving you feeling like you didn't have your V8 this morning if looking at it through a browser.  I just really wanted you to see where AJ had been this past weekend ... and mess with your Monday.  Did it work?  And why can't I just BE a computer genius only when I need to be to figure out the back scenes of my site, and then go back to ignorance once I straighten it out?  Ok, gripe session over ... and a big thanks to Kelley for being my feedbacker.  :)  

Speaking of which, thanks for all of your feedback on AJ!  From emails, to telling your friends about the blog, to responding to my posts, to telling me where your elves have been, it's been great to hear how much you look forward to where he is each day.  

This morning Boo found AJ, and quickly proclaimed, 'Mom, he's cheating!'  I'll let you be the judge... I just thought he was just swept off his feet to dance, but that's the hopeless romantic in me.  

Where will he be tomorrow??  Stay tuned for tomorrow's installment of AJ! 

Love, Happiness & Coffee,

~ Heather ~

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