Monday Morning Musings 1.4.15

Hi!  Happy New Year!!!  Welcome to 2016!!!  Remember when "2000 & anything" sounded so weird to say?  Now we're sixteen years in and going strong!  

So, the first Monday of the New Year ... after a holiday weekend ... oy vey.  Take a deep breath in, and slowly let it go.  Ahhhhhh, the sweet reminder to pause and bring yourself back to the present moment.  Feeling a little calmer?  If not, repeat until you do, and close your eyes so you don't have to see your coworkers looking at you like you've lost it so soon after the new year.  :)  

We all know how Monday's can be; you've got a serious case of a Weekend Hangover, your coffee might not have completely kicked in yet, and there's definitely the possibility you're sleepwalking as you start the work week.  And then there's your email... you've watched it pile up over the weekend but haven't really cared or done the email 'dump' yet, because, let's face it, it was the weekend, you didn't have to, and we all know you save the first fifteen minutes of your work day to 'catch up' on personal email. Say whaaaaaaaaa?      

Introducing Monday Morning Musings!  This is where I come to save you ... whether it's a quick note, an inspiring photograph, a quote I found interesting over the past week, or anything in between, this is where I'll deliver a quick pick-me-up to your inbox.  Nothing long, nothing that requires any major thought process ... just a little something reminding you to stay calm and carry on.  

Shameless Plug: Unless otherwise stated, the photographs pictured are always available to purchase in different sizes and options; just send me an email if you're curious and interested! End Shameless Plug!

Photo by yours truly, quote credit: Tom Peters

This picture was captured at sunset on Smuggler's Beach in South Yarmouth.  I love the birds taking flight across the sky.  The quote that goes with it seems appropriate for the New Year.  

Have a great Monday!

Love, Happiness & Lots O Coffee,

~ Heather ~


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