AJ The Elf - Log 12.9.15

Cookie Monster!  AJ made ANOTHER midnight snack!  This elf must work up quite the appetite while commuting to the North Pole every night to report to The Big Man.  We made sugar cookies yesterday (oh... mah ... gaahhhhhhh sooooooooooooooooooooooooo goood!), and AJ watched the whole process from making the dough to cutting the shapes, to frosting them to putting them away, he watched from his perch up above in the munchie cabinet. 

Today he had a little glass of maple syrup, (one of the four food groups of an elf... check this out), a candy cane straw, and a plate of cookie crumbs, the evidence of him eating it clearly showing on his face.  

You can see the stack of Christmas cookies we made as proudly displayed by my Bubbah in the picture below.  

Hopefully he'll leave enough cookies for us and for Santa, too!

Love, Happiness & Coffee,

~ Heather ~

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