My Pleasure! "June 1st but really the 2nd but hey, I did it!

I'm excited to announce My Pleasure! ... my first WEEKLY post!  This is a pretty big deal to me.

First of all, I was scared to write that.  Honestly.  Because that's it; once I say it's a weekly post, I will have to hold myself accountable to posting something every week.  <insert knuckle biting here.>  

You see, I haven't exactly been posting on what you would call a 'normal' basis.  And you have no idea how many posts I have that start off by saying, 'I haven't posted because' or 'I feel like a piece of crap because I haven't posted' or 'This is why I haven't posted'... enough already.  

I wanted this post to 'air' on Monday morning.  THAT way, I would be giving myself the whole weekend to write a blurb or a novel over something that's brought me pleasure in the past week.  Guess what?  It's 9:51 on Monday night, and I'm starting it.  Literally the first chance I've had today, as well as the last chance to write this for Monday, other than thinking about it.    So, tonight's post will be on Tuesday, but in the future, they'll be posted Monday mornings.

Sure... I could wait a week and just post this next Monday morning.  But this idea has been in my head as a way to start a weekly post for over two months now.  I think the time has come and gone for me to 'just wait another week.' 

Soooooooo... without further ado, heeeeeeeeeeere we go!  Bring up the corny music, insert the fist crossing the chest in a big 'hooray!', I am officially crazy!  

My goal for this post is to find something over a week that brings me pleasure.  It could be a phone call, a sunset, the smell of freshly cut grass, anything I want, because this is MY BLOG, and I could just write a quick blurb, or maybe a novel ... but it'll be something that makes me happy that maybe you'll be happy about, too.  How fun will it be to find something to talk about that brings happiness to me at some point during the week?  If nothing else, I'll start seeing how many things can make me happy, maybe be more present as I look for them, and maybe you can join in and comment and let me know what your pleasure is.   

My first 'My Pleasure!' post is, quite appropriately, about my coffee cup.  If you follow me on Instagram (@heatherthehappylotus), you'll see that when I post my daily yoga challenge pictures, I'll hashtag #myyogamudmug ... because to me, yoga and coffee go hand in hand.

Rarely, during my Yoga Teacher Training weekends, would you find me without my coffee mug nearby.  (Except for that first weekend, when I didn't think I could/should drink coffee in a yoga studio - huuuuuuuuuuuuuge caffeine withdrawal headache by 11am).  

When I started doing these Instagram challenges, I wanted something to call my own, something that differentiated me from other yogis, something that might attract a following, something small that, to me, made me stand out.  I'm not gonna lie, I also wanted my own hashtag.  Enter #myyogamudmug.  (Big shout out to Kelley, for helping me come up with that name.  You can find her here.)   

Now, part of my creative process is to include my coffee mug.  But even earlier than my daily photo shoot, is the sound of me flicking on my coffee maker, and finishing my yoga practice to the sound and smell of fresh coffee being brewed in the kitchen.  Early morning Savasana is sweeter with hazelnut coffee brewing nearby, in my opinion.  

The mug in my challenges isn't the mug I have displayed today.  This is my new mud mug.  This mug I decorated with my Boo at a pottery studio, and it's virtually a coffee pot in a mug. It fits I reserve it for my "lazy" (as lazy as a mom can be with 8 year-old twins) Saturday mornings and my go to mug for my coffee on Sunday morning before going to teach yoga.  

I smile when I turn on the coffee maker.  I smile when I pour myself my first cup of coffee.  I smile when I grab the mug to set up my pictures.  I always smell the coffee, and my mouth waters like Pavlov's dog before I take that first sip.  Even if I only sit for 5 minutes in the morning before going for the next twelve hours straight, having that mug of coffee with me to start my day makes me happy and is My Pleasure! of the week.  

Till next Monday, Love, Happiness, and COFFEE... 

~ Heather ~

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