My Pleasure - June 22 Edition

Family.  We all know it was Father's Day this past Sunday, but I bet no one knew it was Go Garry Day this past Saturday.  You won't find it on your calendar, it won't be listed on your phone, and if you ask your friends, I can pretty much guarantee they'll look at you like your nuts.  

Go Garry Day is a tradition my parents started.  Or was it my brother?  I think he first coined the phrase one time when my parents, my brother, and myself had gotten together and towards the end we were all sitting around saying how great the day is, and he busted out with 'Go, Garry's!', and it just stuck.  

Since then, it's become a coined phrase as a day we can get together and celebrate my birthday, (June 4), and my brother's birthday (June 12).  But it's not just me and my brother... my husband, his wife, and our kids join in on the fun, too.  Held at my parents house, my parents always put together a wonderful spread, with us contributing appetizers and salads and lending a hand with food prep and clean up, too.   

Yesterday we spent the day at the beach, and late afternoon into the evening back at my parents house.  There were laughs, memories, and childhood photographs used as gift tags that were passed around for all to see.  For those of you that know the song, "Hi, My Name is Joe, and I Work In A Button Factory"... yes, my brother and I were treated to a rendition by everyone ... a drastic change from when WE were kids and were repeatedly asked (tortured) to perform it on the regular on Friday nights. 

Sunday, although the rain prevented B from golfing, it did allow us to have a nice relaxing family Sunday morning, allowing me to prepare a breakfast fit for a Father's Day King.  Later in the day, a get together at B's dad's house allowed us to see his family and catch up over pizza and ice cream cake.  It was the perfect way to spend and end Father's Day;  laid back and relaxed, and again, full of laughs and good times.  

It's no surprise I'm all about family and they are my number one priority... so a weekend like this where I got to spend the weekend around family, how could it not be My Pleasure?  

Hope you had a great weekend and if you're a father, I hope you had a great Father's Day, too!

~ Love Happiness & Coffee ~


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