My Pleasure - June 29 Edition


Lightning and Thunder.

I LOVE me a good storm, and this past week, we were treated to a pretty good one.  Tuesday afternoon, I checked the weather forecast, and there was a tornado watch in effect.  While that's a little too extreme for me, I did enjoy the afternoon and evening of exciting weather.  

The wind picked up and as the sky grew darker, my Boo and I laid a blanket out on the front lawn, and got to bond as the clouds raced by above us.  We remembered a thunderstorm in the past where we were also on a blanket at our old house in the back yard, and just barely made it inside  before the skies opened up.  

During dinner, clean up, and well into the night, I was treated to sprinkles, downpours, and  my favorite: flashes of lightning and rumbles of thunder.  The thunder in our new house is different than in our old house.  I'm not sure if it's the direction the storm comes from, the town we're in, or how our house backs up to woods, but the thunder rumbles on and on outside, almost as if we're in the mountains and it's echoing off of them around us.  It's awesome.  There's a slight possibility that I'm exaggerating with this, as my husband thinks the thunder sounds the same...  maybe I just appreciate it more since I now get to hear thunder from a house that I'm forever thankful for that we live in.  But, as always, I digress...    

The rain would slow from a downpour to a steady fall, to a sprinkle, and then silence.  It was eerie how it would all just stop, as if someone 'upstairs' turned the faucet and wind switch off.  

Slowly the wind would then build back up, whipping through our windows and screen doors, making that sound that only screens can make in the summer when wind blows through them fast and hard; a sound that is a quintessential sound of summer, paired with screen doors banging in hot weather.  

At one point, when the rain had stopped but the heat lightning continued, I found myself on my back deck taking it all in, doing my own version of a storm dance by popping up into handstands (because why not), and seeing how cool the reflection of the heat lightning was in the water of deck puddles while upside down with the wind blowing on you - highly recommend it.  

The wind and lightning slowly built up to a full on (albeit quick) storm, with rain, wind, lightning, and loud cracks of thunder.  

My afternoon blanket bond with my Boo was complimented by an evening snuggle with my Bubbah as we watched the storm together from the comfort of our couch.  

The night ended, quite literally, when we lost power.  The storm faded into the night, and we were left in the darkness and stillness of the night, but not without my phone alerting me to incoming messages first.  I'm known among my friends as 'the one that loves the storms', which makes for great random texts, messages, and conversations the next day about the storm the night before (I actually was able to catch up with a great friend during this past storm... KareBear, so good to catch up with you!)  

Thunderstorms aren't that frequent, but when we get them, I'm the one that's either at the front door, in front of a slider, and yes, even once in an aluminum beach chair on her driveway, watching the storm come in (never said I was the brightest bulb in the bunch!).  To me, it's a show Mother Nature puts on for us for free, and I'm always an appreciative audience.  I'm also superstitious in that I can't look at the radar and see what's coming once I hear the thunder or see the lightning.  I guess I'm afraid if I look to see what the next act will be, Mother Nature will take the show away (but if someone else looks, I'm off the hook and then it's ok to tell me about it).  I'm the same way with that white stuff that falls from the sky when it's colder. 

Maybe it's the element of surprise... maybe I don't want to be let down if what's predicted isn't what comes, ...maybe it's as simple as me stopping what I'm doing to be in the moment, but any time I see lightning, hear thunder, feel the wind picking up and see the grey skies come rolling in, you can bet I'll be there with the popcorn, blankets, and my kids, taking it all in.  

Til next time...

Love, Happiness, and Coffee,

~ Heather ~

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