My Pleasure - July 27th Edition

Zucchini Bread!!!  Homemade vegetables!!!  

Ok, so every year since my kids were old enough, I've cultivated their 'green thumb'.  I've taught them what I know about gardening, when they are interested, and we've planted flowers together.  Each year, we also plant herbs from seeds and transplant them to bigger containers, outside, once it's warm enough.  My daughter eats chives right out of the container, and both my daughter and my son like to help me water.  

This year, being in our 'new' house with more room outside as well as in, we decided to plant a vegetable garden.  Of course, I went CRAZY with seeds and probably bought enough to properly sew a garden twice the size of what we actually did, but, so far, it's worked out pretty good. While some herbs that I transplanted too early didn't make it, we've had growth with peppers, green beans, tomatoes, lettuce, broccoli, watermelon, pumpkins, cucumbers, and squash!  So far, we've got lots of blooms, but the only things we've actually picked have been 3 zucchini and a prickly cucumber.  

But those first to zucchini were in the care of my daughter.  While I was in charge of the weeding, she made sure, every day, the garden had enough water, and checked on them at least three times a day.  She would update the family, and take her brother out to show him, too.

The morning finally arose last week that the zucchini were big enough to pick, my son and daughter were waiting with me, my Boo unable to stand still with anticipation.

"Can I pull them off the vine, Mommy?  I know how, I paid attention when our neighbors did it last year!"  She did a great job, and was so proud!  As for my son... well, he never misses an opportunity to be a ham, so I had to grab a picture of his take on the zucchini.  They crack me up.  

Once they were twisted off, we made zucchini bread that my daughter and I ate warm, out of the oven, 3 hours later.  It was divine.   

There's something to be said about being able to eat what you harvested!

Now I'm out there almost every day, checking in on how our next harvest is coming along, too. It's made  for great time with the kids, too, which you all know I love.   Til next time...

Love, Happiness & Coffee 


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