My Pleasure - September 21st Edition

I quoted Melody Beattie a few weeks ago in the yoga classes I taught, saying, "...all that is part of creation is a creation,"  She spoke of respecting life, all of it.  The reason that particular reading had gravitated to me is that I felt I was at a dead end.  I felt that all around me, I was watching people create these wonderful and beautiful unique things and I was struggling to find the time to remember to breathe unless I queued it in my class.  To boot, the 'thing' I wanted to create was sitting in my living room, night after night, just staring at me, as if taunting me from the corner...It was frustrating.  

I had bought my hopeful creating down form upstairs in hopes of being able to get to it a LOT sooner...

Then I did what I was I was asking everyone else to do; I breathed.  Into the moment, into the space, into the place I was at in my life.  I accepted myself for all I am right now, and accepted that my time will come to create and not to rush it.  After all, isn't creating supposed to be something you enjoy as opposed to something you have to do?  

Then, as my fellow yogis say, 'the magic happened' The stars aligned, the universe heard me, someone 'up there' was listening to me ... or, if you aren't into that spiritual shit... things just fell into place... but I suddenly found myself  with a chunk of time to create.  

It felt GOOD!!  Now, this is something I'm still working on, and also something that I hope catches on, because I have big plans for what I want to make from this product.  

This is not intended to be a shameless promotion to sell you my Yoga Rocks.  It really is just my simple pleasure for the week because I found a chunk of time to create it!  Not only that, but in the interim of creating this post, I now have my Yoga Rocks for sale in TWO studios, with the promise of more AND at a retail store as well, here!  

I'm over the moon excited about my Yoga Rocks, ... but I think even more excited that I was just able to find the time to create.  Maybe it'll work out, maybe it won't, but I DID it, and that's what my Simple Pleasure was this week.  How about you... did you get a chance to either create anything this past week ... did you create time for yourself or do something you really had been wanting to get to?  I hope so!  

Love, Happiness, & Coffee (Creating, too!) 

~ Heather

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