My Pleasure - August 17th Edition

This literally just happened.  My...husband...did...Y-O-G-A.  

I can't say this was something he willingly wanted to do... it came from injury.  And while I'd never wish injury on anyone... his growing injury lead him to the mat.  Ok, ok, it just lead him to the wood floor ... but fifteen minutes later, I found him on the rug looking for more yoga.  As a disclaimer for B, he's not anti-yoga, he's just not interested in it as a form of exercise, and doesn't understand the spiritual side of it, either.  To his credit, he has always listened when I go off on one of my spiritual diatribes, linking a sign I saw on the side of the road to other areas in my life and 'trusting the universe', because 'it is what it is', and 'manifest what you want', always listening, while diplmatically telling me that, "Hey, babe, that sounds great, but I don't really get what your saying, here."  :)  But as always, I digress...

So, B's had a nagging pain in his back/hip area.  It's slowly been getting worse, beginning to travel down his leg, and he's mentioned 'maybe' doing yoga to help it out.  He's tried Advil three times a day for five days, and Aleve twice a day to help alleviate the pain, but nothing has really worked.  Add softball into the mix, and you've got a recipe brewing for disaster.  

Tonight, he came home in obvious pain, and at the end of dinner, started talking about his pain again and how it was now starting to affect his attention at softball, and might've mentioned that his leg 'almost' gave out last week, 'almost' having him take a tumble down the stairs. When I got slightly (extremely) bothered that I wasn't told he, in true guy fashion, said, "well, I didn't, so I didn't need to call you."  Men.  ;)

I looked up sciatica pain, and we started talking about where it hurt and if yoga would help.  Already a step ahead of him, I was looking up poses that would.  Since he had gotten on the Yoga Express, I started showing him poses, using chairs and the wall to demonstrate.  He then got into Standing Twist.  As I was giving him slight pointers, I assisted him in making his spine straight and slowly twisting his upper body.  He immediately responded to the assists, and inside my head, the little 8 year old version of me was screaming her little head off, dancing a jig, completely STOKED that my husband, my husband, Mr. I-Don't-Think-Yoga-Is-For-Me, was doing YOGA.  

We moved to the living room, talking about poses, me trying not to bounce up and down excitedly and instead taking the 'casual' approach as I walked him into Pigeon Pose, on his back.  

"I've got nothing right now," he said almost immediately, shocked and relieved that he had no pain in his hip or leg.  

"Oh my gosh, he's in pigeon pose," I thought to myself.  The pose I used to HATE to be in but had grown to love is the pose that's giving my husband relief.  I wanted to snap a picture, and then burst into tears; I was so proud and humbled he was 'practicing' yoga.  We stopped after that pose and cleaned up dinner, him stating again that he might feel it in 20 minutes, but felt nothing at that moment.  I told him how we store emotions in our hips and how they are 'emotional storehouses', until we work through whatever it is we need to release, and how he might feel some random emotions working themselves up and out.  He kind of laughed.  

Fifteen minutes later, he asked me if the spinal twist he was doing was the right way, then had me walk him into pigeon AGAIN... followed by Supta Badha Konasana. 

I didn't push, I stopped after that and let him come in and out of poses as long as he wanted, giving him his space to explore, and letting him lay in stillness.  

I wanted to snap a picture of him, but knew that would have been too much.  However, when he was done, the FIRST thing I did was snap a picture of the props that were left behind, and got his feet in as well.  :)

Maybe this will lead to more poses, maybe it won't.  Maybe I ignited a fire, maybe I didn't. Maybe one day he'll take one of my yoga classes, maybe he won't.  But maybe, maybe, one day, him and I will find ourselves side by side in a yoga class, lying in savasana, hands touching, after practicing yoga together.  As I say, "manifest your destiny..."  Til next time...

Love, Happiness & Coffee

~ Heather

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