My Pleasure - August 3rd Edition

Wheels.  Gotta have them.  Can't get far without them.   And, most definitely, take them for granted, until you're left without them.  

This is not my car.  But I sure look happy in  it, don't I?  Our actual car was in the shop for service.  And rather unexpectedly, too.

For the past two weeks, our beloved Tahoe, named Buddy (yes, after Buddy the Elf by my kids), has had a cold, so to speak.  Every once in a while, he wouldn't start.  We'd turn the key, and ... nothing.  He'd turn over after a try (or two), and all would be fine, but I wanted to see if we could figure out what was going on with him. 

Both times, my mechanic has been outstanding in accommodating me with making sure we had a set of wheels lined up as a rental while Buddy got better.  They helped me out when my schedule couldn't get me to their shop before they closed for the day, and they helped me out in making sure there was a rental available for me to drive as well.  

Of course, my kids saw this as an adventure, and we 'rated' the cars we rented, talking about being up high in our SUV versus down low in a sedan.  (While we liked the 'pep' of the smaller car, we all agree we feel safer with the height that's provided by an SUV... not to mention we all noticed that when we were driving our car, we were more likely to be cut off by an SUV than we normally would be when driving our own... conincidence...?)

I picked Buddy up on Thursday, and have been really enjoying driving him around again .. and no, I'm not cutting off cars, either.  :)  So, while my smile in the above picture is pretty big, it was definitely bigger as Buddy was pulled up for me to get into on Thursday afternoon.  

What about you?  Did you have something that brought you pleasure this past week?  

Til next time...

Love, Happiness, & Coffee,

~ Heather ~


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