My Pleasure - August 24th Edition


I'm on it, like white on rice.  My vacation started on Friday at 3pm - my husband's, 5.  We immediately jumped right into entertaining our friends for the weekend, but the flurry of activity and busyness that we experienced during the week while preparing for the weekend with friends quickly evaporated into relaxation and laughter as our friends arrived.  

It's one thing to prepare coffee and dinner on an every day basis, but it's somehow a completely different feeling when doing the same preparation for friends.  I delighted in making my tomato, basil, mozzarella salad, and enjoyed putting out mugs, plates, and utensils for coffee and breakfast in the morning.  I'm known for always having a candle (or five?), lit, and it was fun deciding what candles to light as well.  

Relaxation.  Laughs.  Sitting.  Laughs.  Dinner.  More Laughs.  Lunch.  Interesting Convos ... laughs, laughs, laughs.  

I have no images to capture the moments because I opted to be as phone free as I could be throughout the weekend.  Sure, I had it nearby, had pictures sent to me through texting, and checked in throughout the weekend (who doesn't, in this day and age?), but I wanted to be as present as possible for the 'in real life' people that were actually physically in front of me at any given moment over the past 48 hours.  

It felt wonderful to connect with old friends, get to know acquaintances I could call closer friends by the time we hugged goodbye, and have some fantastic conversations that meant so much more when those people were physically in front of me.  (anyone else feeling the vibe I'm putting out on not wanting to be as dependent on my phone as I have been?)

So, my pleasure was enjoying physical company and (finally!) starting my long awaited and eagerly anticipated vacation with my family.  Til next time ...

Love, Happiness & Coffee,

~ Heather ~


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