My Pleasure - August 31st Edition

Campfires, limited electronic devices, great conversation.  It doesn't get much better than that for me.

Lately, I've noticed just how much I love being in nature.  From hearing waves crash, fires crackle, the wind on my face, or the brilliant show of thunder and lightning, it just grounds me and keeps me calm.  I looooooooove hearing jets in the night sky.  It simultaneously makes me wonder where the people on the jet are going, while eliciting memories of summer nights with the warm air brushing your skin, crisp fall nights with leaves crunching underneath your feet as you see your breath in the night sky, and winter nights with the snow falling softly around you. No spring memories though - weird!    

That being said, we were in New Hampshire for part of our vacation this past week, and opted to stay in a cabin as opposed to a hotel.  The campground had a pool, it was on a river, and our 2 bedroom cabin had our own bathroom, and a fire ring for campfires.  P-E-R-F-E-C-T.  

However, this wasn't just any fire 'ring'; it was a straight up tire rim - and a big one at that.  It had it's own ventilation system with holes along the bottom sides, and it was just deep enough to contain a fire but shallow enough to still see and enjoy it.  Both nights we stayed there, we had a campfire.  The s'mores stick the kids used was my fire poker once they were done cooking.  

Boo & Bubbah, B and myself had some great conversations around the fire.  The moon was on the more fuller side, and our cabin view, I felt, gave us the best view of the rising moon against the campfire, too.  We literally watched it cross the night sky as the fire crackled by our feet.  

The fire ring gave B and I an idea about our dream patio we are going to read up on (and hopefully create ourselves!), next spring (or few springs away more likely) ... but the fire ring can come waaaaaaaay before that. I'm anxiously awaiting the tire rim that can become our fire ring, right in our own backyard.  

There's just something to be said for campfires; calming comforting, warm, and providing the perfect setting for great conversations and a chance to really bond, that rang true with me as my pleasure for the week... and always.  Til next time...

Love, Happiness & Coffee,


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