My Pleasure - August 10th Edition

A Letter of Gratitude... have you ever received one?  I mean, a real heartfelt letter that talks of all of the strengths you didn't know you had, compliments you on things you never knew had hit home with someone else, and are basically told you are awesome and that you matter?  

I did.  I'm floored.  I've saved it in my email.  When I get my re-manufactured black ink from amazon and throw it in my printer, I'm going to print out my letter and frame it in my office where I create and throw tidbits of things that inspire me.  

And this is not to say that I've never received a compliment or letter in the past.  My mom and dad send me cards just to say hi a LOT, and I'm always touched that they take the time to send me something.  It also resonates with me because we all complain we don't have enough time ... and with technology forever pushing us forward and making it easier to only communicate by texts and emails, it's nice, as my mom says, 'to get something in the mail that isn't a bill.'  :)  

Back to my letter of gratitude... My friend is part of this 21 Days of Happiness which I had heard about on Facebook.  I have to admit, I started reading about it with a smile on my face, thinking maybe I could take part in it... then I saw the things you needed to commit to ... I mean reallllllly commit to, for 21 days, and I immediately bailed.  

I can't remember to breathe lately, I freaked out this morning because I can't get to anything (sorry babe), and feel like I'm runnning in place... there is no way I can fit anything else on my plate right now.  Those might sound like excuses to you, and maybe they are to me as well, but I KNEW if I said I would do this, it wouldn't be 21 Days of Happiness ... it would be more like "21 Days of Wondering-Why-I-Did-This-and-How-Can-I-Be-As-Least-Productive-As-Possible-While-Still-Feeling-Like-I'm-Participating-But-Can't-Really-Look-Myself-In-the-Mirror-Because-I-Know-Better Bullshit."  Now, before you angrily hit reply to this and send me a message calling me a gigantic asshat, please know that I am NOT knocking this program.  I do hope to one day complete it myself, but I gotta call it how it would be in my mind, quick, before I respond "SIGN ME UP!" with a bunch of smiley faces, only to say, 'oh, shiiiiiiiiiiiiit, what the eff did you just get yourself INTO' right after I hit send.  

Yes, THIS is what it's like to be in my head ... and that's only what transpired in a five minute period... can you imagine a whole 24 hours?!!??!?!?!  And I wonder why I sleep so good at night.  
So my friend, Torrie, took on the challenge, and I had no idea until a few days later when an alert popped up on my phone that showed her email and "letter of gratitude".

"Great," I thought, the 21 days no longer in my brain at all (oh how quickly one forgets!)  "another chain letter that I now have to do and send along to eight people and this one is going to be one I can't skimp on, because it's Torrie and I love her."  

An hour later, I got around to opening the email... and god.  

This letter... it made me tear up. It had me saying, "ohh!" and "awww.." and a resounding thought of "I have that kind of effect on her? I didn't think I mattered like that."  It meant so much to me.  I can't believe that I make that kind of a difference to people, and it has totally grounded me since reading her letter.  

Thank YOU Torrie, for sending me something so beautiful.  I can't tell you how much it meant to me to read it, how much it meant that I was part of your 21 Days of Happiness, and how much you opened yourself up in sending that to me.  You are an inspiration to me, and I am so incredibly grateful that you are in my life.  Reading your letter truly was my pleasure of the week.  

Love, Happiness, & Coffee, ~


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