My Pleasure - September 13th Edition


A much needed get together..

As I type this, I'm listening to my son teach my parents how to make a motorcycle sound with his hands to his mouth (think fart sound, but louder)  and enjoying their laughter as they all try hard to achieve this sound that comes effortlessly to my son.  I've tried, I can only do it after my face is the color of a grape and my eyes are bulging out of my head from trying to pass air through my mouth and hands... even then it doesn't rival his.  :)  

My parents came over yesterday afternoon for a much needed (and way past due!) get together.  To go back almost 9 years, when my kids were first born, it became a weekly tradition for my parents to come up to our house for dinner.  Early on, dinners would be easy (think take out, or something very easily preparable), or my parents would make dinner ahead of time at their house and reheat it at ours.  There were even times where they brought the ingredients and cooked at our house.   

It was such a great way to both end our weekend and start the week, as well as an incredibly huge help to me and B while we kinda floundered around, trying to navigate the waters of parenthood.

When the kids were really young and their dinners consisted of bottles, we would put the kids down for the night at 7pm, and then eat after that.  Sometimes they didn't leave until after 8pm, but they never complained or asked us to change; they just simply went with it.   

As the kids grew older, the Sundays continued, but we would make dinner for them, and they would play with the kids, who always had (have!) endless energy.  Somewhere along the lines, this tradition kinda fell off.  I'm not sure why, or how, and again, never did my parents complain about it; they just simply went with it.  

Don't get me wrong, it's not that I haven't seen my parents since this tradition fell off, it just wasn't as routine as it once was.  Which pretty much stunk, since it was so nice! 

Originally we had asked them to come up last Monday, but, since we moved, the commute to our house is three exits further away, heading the same direction as the tourists are  ... not a good combination for Labor Day weekend.  So it was postponed until yesterday.  I cooked in the kitchen for a good portion of Saturday getting part of dinner and dessert ready.  I was so excited to have them over!  It definitely had been too long.  

The day was leisurely.  Board games were played, card games were played, a few games of hide and seek were had, TV was watched, laughs were plenty, and we even took a walk with the dog, getting completely caught in a downpour ... it was great!  Running through the rain, exclaiming in true Bill Murray of Caddy Shack form "I don't think the hard stuff is coming down for a while!", erupted us into fits of laughter.  

Listening to my kids talk to my parents about normal, every day things, while I was just the invisible observer, warmed my heart so much.  It reminded me of when my kids would struggle to get the word out, or would get out the right word but mix up where the consonants were. (think hosta-bill instead of hospital)  We reminisced of memories from our old house, and spoke of upcoming adventures.  

I can't describe the feeling, but it's the one we get when all just feels right and happy and you just know you're in the right place at the right time, completely absorbed in your moments.  It was simply perfect, and my Simple Pleasure of the week.  

It's also something I'd like to start up again with my parents... something tells me they'd be on board for it as well.  What was your simple pleasure this past week?  

Love, Happiness, & Coffee,

~ Heather




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