Tasty Tuesday's - Pizza!!!

Mushroom Chicken Pizza to be exact

Oven: 400 degrees

1 tube of refrigerated pizza crust - (you can make your own, but me and rising dough don't get along that well - as in I can't do it, period)
Tomato sauce
Cubed chicken breast (but you can use pork, steak, bacon, no meat, you get the picture)
Cherry tomatoes cut in half
Fresh mushrooms (and/or peppers, onions, olives, minced garlic ... again, you get the picture)
Garlic Salt
Olive Oil
Cheese to your hearts content

Spread the pizza dough in a cookie sheet (we use 15x10x1) coated with cooking spray or anything that will keep the dough from sticking to the pan, and prick the dough with a fork.  If you've had a bad day, stab that dough to your hearts content, then take a deep breath and let whatever is bothering you go. 

Bake for 5 minutes.  Yes, it won't look right; this is where you put your trust in a stranger - that stranger being me.

Take out of oven and spread the tomato sauce on it, coming to within an inch of the crust, or however wide you want your crust to be.  Before starting, keep in mind you don't need a boatload of pizza sauce ... think two things:
1) Less is more, and
2) Remember all of those times when you were a kid and complained there was too much sauce on your pizza? ... apply this school of thought here.

Next comes the meat and veggies.  
After that is arranged artfully, sprinkle salt, pepper, and garlic salt over your toppings.
Drizzle the olive oil over all - you don't need a lot ... maybe 1 tablespoon
Finally, throw cheese over all.  This is where one of two things happen... I either tell my hubby "I got this" and proceed to overload the pizza with cheese, or he says, "I'll do the cheese," in that way that really means, "listen lady, you have a cheese problem and you need an intervention."  Yeah, honey, I'm onto you.   :) Depending on my day, mood, what time of month it is, and what kind of ice cream we have in our freezer for later on that night, I might take him up on his offer.   

Place back in the oven (here's where you wish you didn't turn the oven off), and bake for 13-16 minutes.  In the center of the oven.  Because the bottom of the pizza will cook as you keep peeking in, thinking it needs more time.  Trust me, been there, done that.  Then I called Papa Gino's ... dammit.  Yes, if you're paranoid, start with 15 minutes, and then start peeking in every few thereafter to test it.  Again, trust me; it's THAT good that you don't want to have to throw it away.  

I deliberately didn't give you measurements.  Step outside of your comfort zone people. Sprinkle, pour, dump on what you think is appropriate for your liking.

The pictures do this recipe no justice.  Maybe next time we make this I'll try my best NOT to be hangry as I'm making dinner.   :)  

By the way... isn't that cutting board AWESOME?!?!?!  I gave it to my husband for Christmas; I LOVE that it's personalized, and the owner, Rebekah, did  a phenomenal job.  You can find her shop, and many other personalized gifts here.

As always, let me know what you think!  

Love, happiness & coffee,

~ Heather ~



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