Tasty Tuesday's - Dawn's Salad

Dawn's Salad: 
- Arugula
- Mozzarella (preferably one large chunk of it, so you can cut up as needed, or just eat as you're preparing the salad - what?)
- Tomatoes (any kind will work; I used grape tomatoes)
- Olive Oil
- Red Wine Vinegar
- Salt
- Pepper

Combine first three ingredients.  Drizzle next two ingredients over the top.  Sprinkle the last two ingredients on top as needed.  Boom!  Salad - served.  

You might as well liken me to Pavlov's Dog when I hear the word mozzarella.  *Drools*

Salad...so simple, yet so complex.  Meat or no meat?  Fish?  Cheese?  Croutons?  How many vegetables?  Corn?  Do I add fruit?  Pickles?  What the hell are mescalin greens anyways? Salt?  Pepper?  Egg?  And don't even get me started on salad dressings.  

I love salads, though when it comes to concocting anything more lavish than lettuce, tomato, celery, onion, pickle (try it), or ingredients I have in my fridge or freezer, that's when I rely on my cookbooks, my box o' recipes, or my friends.    

This simple yet phenomenal salad comes from my friend Dawn.  Her love of food comes from her family ... and she cooks a lot of what her own grandmother cooked, whose family was from Rome.  We had made plans to have lunch at her house on one of those gorgeous beginning-of-fall-but-still-end-of-summer-warmth kind of days in September.  She asked if I would be ok with a salad and mentioned the word mozzarella.  I'm pretty sure I cut her off and screamed YES into the phone at that point.  I'm also pretty sure I had seconds ... or was that on the m&m cookies?  

Since that lunch, I cannot count how many times I've had that salad since.  I do remember that I came home that day and wrote down the ingredients on my grocery list, and that it's been a staple lunch for me since.  The picture isn't even from the one I ate today; it's from a few days ago.  

If you want to make this a meal, you can grill chicken, dice it up and add it on top.

Do you have a staple salad that you make often and love?  I'd love to hear about it!  

Love, Happiness & Coffee,

~ Heather ~ 


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