Tasty Tuesday's - Pita Bites



Whole Wheat Pita Pockets
Parmesan Cheese

Wicked Hahd to make.  And there's two ways to prepare them:

Heather's Way: Cut the pita pockets in half, then in half again, then in half, again. By that point they were in triangles, but still had to be pulled apart.  Then they had to be buttered.  Each ... one ... individually.

B's way:  Separate each pocket into two full circles.  Butter the big circles, then cut each circle into eight pieces.  

I don't know about you, but Heather apparently wanted to spend a lot of time in the kitchen that day, and wanted an exercise in patience as each piece needed to be buttered. 

After you butter them, arrange in a single layer on cookie sheet, and sprinkle with parmesan cheese.  If you want to, I'm sure you could sprinkle on garlic salt or garlic powder, maybe a little bit of chili powder if you wanted a kick, or a myriad of other spices ... this recipe is primarily for our kids so we tend to keep the flavor a little simpler for them.  That being said, we do find ourselves counting how many each person has had and if the number on the table is divisible by 4 so we each get  the same amount...

Throw in 350 oven for maybe 10 minutes.  You want them soft but crispy on the outside to pack that little punch.  

B came up with this recipe, and we all love it.  Enjoy!

Love, happiness & coffee,

~ Heather ~


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