About Me

Hi! Welcome to The Happy Lotus!  I'm brand new to blogging, building a website, and trying to become a creative entrepreneur in the business world.  

I have been snapping pictures since getting my first camera, a pink and purple "Le Clic", complete with 110 film, back in 1986.  This lead to me taking photography my senior year in high school, making my own camera with a cookie tin, a pin, and black paint.  My manual Minolta morphed into a digital point and shoot, and I now have a Canon Digital Rebel, which I love.  Pictures have been a constant in my life; I love evoking moods with my pictures by providing interesting perspectives to look at through my 'eye'  of a lens.

Along with photography, I love writing, although my love for it has only recently been reawakened.  When I was a kid, I wrote a newspaper for my parents, and also created my own cartoon stories. Cartoons and newspapers grew into haikus and poems as I got older.  As all stories go, I wrote what I thought was a GREAT one; I was sooooooo excited about it…until it was read and critiqued and ripped apart.  After that, I pretty much kept my writing to notes to my girlfriends, papers for school, and, as technology took off, pagers, texts, and emails.  When an opportunity came up to write while learning about Hindu dieties, with the promise made to write every day for 10 weeks, I took the plunge back into the writing world, and am so glad I did.

Another love?  Yoga.  I started practicing through my Nintendo Wii, in January of 2012.  One can only achieve 'guru' status so many times before boredom sets in, so I put my fear of studios and gyms aside, marched into a yoga studio, and have never looked back since.  I graduated from Teacher Training in May of 2014, and started teaching that same week.  There are some days I love teaching, and there are off days where I question why I decided to teach in the first place, but I always come back to my mat.

I can safely say I take pictures, teach, and write nowhere NEAR as much as I would like to.  I'm working on that.  I have very specific reasons why I don't get that time, and why I'm one million percent ok with time being a challenge … I haven't told you my favorite thing(s) in the world yet!  They come by the names of B (my husband), Bubbah (my son), Boo (my daughter), and Lucia (my nine-and-a-half year-old fur baby).

So, there you have it… me, in a yoga mat! Dubbed a creative yogi, I'm finding my place both online and in the real world.  If you want to join me on this crazy journey called life, with a dose of great pics, tell-it-like-it-is writing, and whatever other craft is striking my fancy at that particular moment, subscribe below!