Scenterview: Bubble Bath


Bubble Bath, Tell Us a Little About Yourself! 

Hello!  It's time for another 'scenterview' with one of my candles.  It's really hard to make a decision online when buying beauty products, clothes, and it's tough for candles, too! Questions of whether you and your scent will be a good match are normal, and hopefully these scenterviews will help to make up your mind.  Without further hesitation, let's swing the light towards 'bubble bath'!

THL: What notes make up your scent?
BB: Well, I like to think of myself as a linger-er, if that's a word?  I've got some grapes and roses that mix really well with geranium and patchouli.

THL: Patchouli?! Yuck! 0
BB: *Rolls eyes*  You know, patchouli gets SUCH a bad rap!  Did you know the scents relaxsoap on a ropethe spa, and innocencejust to name a few, have patchouli in them?  People hear the word patchouli and want to run for the hills, but it's in a lot of us candles and I can assure you that it's NOT the only thing you'll smell!  

THL: Wait a minute, candles have EYES?!?
BB:  Ok, now you're getting off topic.  

THL: Ok, ok, so where do you fall on the cold and hot throw range?  Will people know you're burning? And are you a subtle or a punch-in-the-face kind of scent?
BB: I'm definitely not a punch-you-in-the-face kind of a scent, but I do make myself known when you light me, and when you don't. Like I said, I linger, so you'll be able to subtly smell me after I'm extinguished, too.  

THL: What's your favorite room to be in?  
BB: You're never going to believe this but, ... the bathroom.  ;)  I just smell so fresh and so clean that being in there just feels right!  

THL: Anything else you want us to know about you?
BB: You know, when I was created, it was hard to come up with my name!  I heard someone say I smell fresh, like soap on a rope, but someone else say that if they could custom create a bottle of bubble bath, I would be it.  Until then, I was going to be called 'so fresh and so clean', but obviously that didn't make the cut once bubble bath was thought up.  And did you know I was a teaser from a newsletter from LAST YEAR?  Yup... it took that long to figure me out and come up with my name. What can I say?  I'm complicated.  

Well, there you have it!  Did 'bubble bath' do it for you in that scenterview?  If so...