Scenterview: Pop the Cork


Pop the Cork, Tell Us a Little About Yourself! 

Hi there!  It's time for another 'scenterview' with one of my candles.  It's really hard to make a decision online when buying beauty products, clothes, and it's tough for candles, too!  Questions of whether you and your scent will be a good match are normal, and hopefully these scenterviews will help to make up your mind.  Without further hesitation, let's swing the light towards 'pop the cork'!

The Happy Lotus: Welcome to the shop, 'pop the cork'!  Let's learn a little more about ya! 
Pop the Cork: Hello!  I'm here and I'm ready to whoop it up candle style!  If you've got a reason to celebrate, look no further than my name!
THL: How would you describe yourself?
PTC: I'm full of creamy vanilla, strawberry & sweet fruit notes, and consider myself to be a party for your nose!
THL: Are you on the strong spectrum when it comes to scent?
PTC:  When you walk in a room, it's obvious I'm there, but I don't run up and start demanding your attention.  I like to mingle, so I make my way through the room subtly ... it's only when you're right next to me that you can really drink me in.
THL: What's your favorite room to be in? 
PTC:  Wherever the party is!  Seriously, you can put me anywhere and I won't overpower or underwhelm.  I'm very versatile!
THL:  How did you get your name?
PTC:  Originally I was going to be called 'break out the bubbly', but Lexy (Heather's daughter) came up with my name!  And it fits!  I can't seem to sniffed only once; people just keep coming back and popping the lid off me to smell me more.    
THL: Anything else you'd like us to know about you?  
PTC:  Yes!  I'm also part of the 'love in a package' gift box that includes a candle and a bath bomb!  Treat that special someone, or treat yourself!  

If you're celebrating something ... anything ... this candle makes the perfect gift!  Graduations, birthday's, anniversaries, it's 5 o'clock somewhere... the possibilities are endless! 

Well, there you have it!  If 'pop the cork' sounds intriguing...