Scenterview: One Night Stand


Welcome to the (top) shelf, One Night Stand!

The Happy Lotus: Well, let me just say, it's quite the honor to interview such an interesting candle.  Tell me about yourself!
One Night Stand: Well, I've got a little bit of masculine and a little bit of feminine to me, making me the perfect fragrance to burn any time of day or night.

THL: I like candles that have both, nice touch.  What scents are you comprised of?
ONS: I do, too!  It's tough to really declare a scent as either masculine or feminine, but I think musk scents are thought of as masculine, while florals are more feminine.  But the truth is in the eye of the beholder, or the "smeller" in this case.  I'm made up of woody and musk base notes, with herbs & amber, then infused with essential oils including sage, lavander, and orange.

THL: How would you describe yourself?
ONS: One word: intoxicating.  

THL: 'Nuff said, there.  What's your favorite room to be in? 
ONS: The bedroom. 

THL: *laughs* 
ONS: Honestly, I'm good in any room.

THL: *laughs harder*
ONS: Get a hold of yourself.

THL: Ok, ok, I couldn't help myself there. So ... you were saying?
ONS:  I'm not going to lie, I come on strong with my scent.  When you first smell me, your initial reaction might be to not consider me but, I really mellow out once I've been lit a while. Because I definitely fall on the stronger side of the scent-spectrum, if you've got a sensitive nose, just put me in a bigger room rather than a smaller one.  If you want me to really show off, a smaller space would work great, too.

THL: What's your top note/bottom note/middle note?
ONS: Top note is herbal and orange, middle is rose, oakmoss & grapefruit, and base is sandalwood, musk, amber & tonka.

THL: What's tonka?
ONS: Tonka is a seed of a South American tree with a fragrance similar to vanilla.  The beans are dried and cured in alcohol, then used in scenting products.

THL: Why not just use vanilla?
ONS: Because I'm intoxicating and complex, so I need intoxicating and complex scent notes.

THL: Ok, I'm sure readers are dying to know, what is up with your name?  
ONS: I get asked that A LOT.  There was a lot of discussion over my name. A few contenders were "Hot Man", "Stud", "Studmuffin", & "Obsessed" just to name a few.  As soon as Heather's friend Jen suggested One Night Stand, she knew she found the name.   

THL: Anything else you'd like us to know about you?
ONS: YES, my history of how I came to be!  Did you know that I wasn't even a blip on the radar?  My scent had been overlooked when Heather was shopping for scents.  A fragrance oil was being discontinued, and I was recommended along with another scent to provide a replacement.  That didn't work out, so my next step was to be used in candles that had wood wicks.  However, based on the colorful language that was used as Heather tried to keep the wood wicks lit, that didn't go over well either ... but *I* made sure that I stood out so that where the wood wick failed, my scent would succeed!  Judging by how many Heather has burned of me already, I'd say I'm a success! #perkofthejob

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