Scenterview: Coconut Lime Mojito


It's Time to Relax with Coconut Lime Mojito! 

The Happy Lotus: Hi!  It's that time again ... another 'scenterview' with one of my candles.  And helllloooo there, coconut lime mojito!  
Coconut Lime Mojito: Hey there!
THL: Tell us about yourself - you smell amazing!  
CLM: Oh!  Well, thanks!  When it's time to chill out, look no further than me.  I'm made up of coconut, lime, and the slightest hint or orange.  

THL: Orange? I can't smell that at all!
CLM: Ya know, to tell you the truth, I can't either, but I can tell ya that the refreshing lime is the perfect companion to the sweet coconut!

THL: How would you describe yourself on the scent spectrum?  
CLM: I'm definitely a more subtle scent. My cold throw is -- 

THL: I'm sorry to interrupt, but ... cold throw...?  Can you let me know what that means?
CLM: Oh, sure! A candles cold throw is when the candle is not lit, and hot throw is when it is.  

THL: Gotchya, thanks ... ok, so cold throw ...
CLM: You're welcome!  My cold throw is stronger than my hot throw.  Meaning when I'm lit, you can smell me, but I'm not overpowering the room I'm in.

THL: You sound like a great scent for calming the mind... or at the very least, a scent that encourages you to chillax. 
CLM: Most definitely!  And although summer can be a blur of activities at times, I can be your reminder to slow down and chill out.  Because if you light me, you can't leave your house until I'm extinguished and we all know that you should burn soy candles in 3-4 hour increments!

THL: Ok, now you're starting to sound like an infomercial. 
CLM: But wait, there's MORE! Just kidding.

THL: *laughs* Well, I like to ask these two questions of all my candles ... First, what's your favorite room to be in? 
CLM: Well, you can't really smell me when you put me outdoors, but at the same time, I LOVE the outdoors - as long as it isn't raining - so I guess as close to the outdoors as I can get ..without being too near a draft, because then I burn all weird.

THL: I can understand that!  Finally, is there anything interesting you'd like us to know about yourself?
CLM: Yes!  I was going to be called 'you put the lime in the coconut' but that wouldn't fit on the label, and 'put the lime in the coconut' just sounded too demanding.  So I became coconut lime mojito instead... but I bet some buyers will be singing that song when they buy me!    

THL:  I know I will!  (But you all know I already have sung that song, right?)  Thanks for coming by, and if you think Coconut Lime Mojito sounds like your summer fragrance ...