Scenterview: Dusk


Going In Depth With Dusk

The Happy Lotus: Welcome to the latest scenterview, where we go in depth to find out more of what makes up some of The Happy Lotus' fragrances!  Today we're getting cozy with the scent 'dusk'.  Tell us a little bit about yourself!
Dusk:  Thanks for this opportunity!  I'm a scent that's pleasing to the nose, for sure!  I'm made up of vanilla, amber, sandalwood and musk. 

THL: I'm picking up on the vanilla, but it's not overpowering... it's subtle and almost creamy.  
Dusk: Well, as always, it depends on the sniffer, but yes, the vanilla is smoothed out with the notes of amber and musk.  

THL: I'm curious on your name - dusk doesn't really have a scent, so how did you come to be called dusk? 
Dusk: Ooooo excellent question!  Dusk doesn't really illicit a smell as much as it does an image, right? You might think of the sunset or that time just before and after when everything is perfectly silhouetted against the darkening sky.  When I had my scent test being conducted, I just felt like if dusk had to have a scent, I would be it!  I really have that calming reaction where you can't help but be pulled into the present moment to pause and appreciate the scent and, well, life in general!

THL: Is there any type of year that you are more suited to?
Dusk: I'm a year round fragrance!  You can just as easily enjoy me on a sultry summer night as you can on a crisp fall evening too.

THL: Would you say the sandalwood in your scent makeup puts you more towards a floral or earthy note?  
Dusk: Earthy, for sure!  That's why I like the hint of vanilla I offer, it makes me just the tiniest bit sweeter while still allowing the amber and musk to shine through.    

THL: Are you appealing to everyone? 
Dusk: 100% yes!  I've read that I'm warm and sensual, that I'm comforting, and that I smell fantastic whether I am lit up or not.  Men love the smell for the masculinity of my scent, while women love how the vanilla balances out the amber.    

THL: Lastly, what is  your favorite room to be in?
Dusk: Any room!  But if I had to pick one, I'd say a living room or bedroom, as I really encourage you to slow down and just enjoy the moment you're in. 

Now that you've read all about dusk, does it sound like the type of candle that would fit your home?  If so ...