Scenterview: Not Your Afternoon Tea


Not Your Afternoon Tea, Tell Us a Little About Yourself! 

Hi there!  It's time for another 'scenterview' with one of my candles.  It's really hard to make a decision online when buying beauty products, clothes, and it's tough for candles, too!  Questions of whether you and your scent will be a good match are normal, and hopefully these scenterviews will help to make up your mind.  Without further hesitation, let's swing the light towards 'not your afternoon tea'!

The Happy Lotus: first and foremost, what makes up your scent?
Not Your Afternoon Tea: I'm a smorgasbord of scents!  I've got leather, amber, tobacco, musk, black tea, pepper, teakwood,  sandalwood, patchouli, cedarwood & pimento berry in my makeup.  

THL: Patchou--
NYAT: Don't even go there; the patchouli is one of the base notes, which gives me my distinguishable lasting qualities, but unless you literally stick your nose in the hot wax, which I highly suggest you DON'T do, you can't smell the patchouli.

THL: Ok, ok, well... WOW, that's a lot of notes!  If you had to pick the ones that are the most prominent, which ones would you pick?
NYAT: Definitely spices, with vetiver & black pepper helping out.

THL: Vetiver?  What's that?
NYAT: Good question!  Vetiver is an earthy, woodsy scent.

THL: How'd you get your name?
NYAT: Have you ever heard of English Breakfast Tea? When I'm first lit, I smell like a strong tea. However, after I've been burning awhile, my other scents start to come through ... the vetiver, pepper, and a very subtle pimento berry. It almost reminds you of the afternoon jolt of caffeine you might need, but at the same time it's the sweet feeling you get when you kick back at the end of your day. What better name than 'not your afternoon tea'?  

THL: What's your favorite room to be in? 
NYAT: The office, for sure.  I'm told that I'm a pleasant smell to "work" with, so to speak.

THL:  What else have people said about you?
NYAT: Well, every nose is different, but I was told once that I was bought with the expectation that I was going to be too strong, but after I was lit, I pleasantly surprised the buyer with my fragrance... so much so that she bought another one of me to give as a gift.  Another buyer informed me that I work quite nicely in a showroom as a pleasant background scent... not too strong, not too weak.  

Well, there you have it!  Did 'not your afternoon tea' pique your curiosity with that scenterview?  If so...