Scenterview: Awakening


It's time to awaken your senses with the latest scenterview, Awakening!  

The Happy Lotus: Hello!  Today I'd like to welcome 'awakening' to the interview room!
Awakening:  Hello, everyone!    

THL: Wow, I'm picking up on some vanilla right away with you; am I right?
Awakening: Yes, you are!  I'm an elaborate fragrance.  Once you smell the vanilla, the next scents are musk and sandalwood. 

THL: Ooooo... *sniffs* ... I feel like there are also some fruity undertones as well?
Awakening: Yes, but here's where I get complicated.  You can find jasmine, lavender, orange, balsam, lemon AND grapefruit oils as well!

THL: Wow, that's a LOT of fragrances going into one scent!  Sounds like it might be too much ...?
Awakening: You'd think so, but actually no!  Every nose is different, so to one I might have a slight hint of oranges, but to the next nose it might be lavender. 

THL: I get that!  To me ... *sniffs again* ... I definitely smell the vanilla, but it's not taking over the musk or sandalwood, and I get a hint of lemon, too. 
Awakening: It's tough at times ... us candles like to list all of our ingredients because we're proud of what makes up our scent, but all it takes is one word to have someone not want to try us. However, if I had to list the top three scents that come to mind with me, it's vanilla, musk & sandalwood.  

THL: So, an earthy scent.
Awakening: Definitely!

THL: What's your favorite room to be in? 
Awakening: Again, it depends on your nose.  If you want to get a strong sense of me, place me in a smaller room, like an entrance way or bathroom.  If you prefer to have a more subtle dose, putting me in a living room or in the corner of a dining room is perfect, too.  

THL: Anything interesting about your history?
Awakening: But of course!  Did you know that I'm an exclusive scent to the happy lotus? ... and I was made along with three other exclusive scents as well:  tall, dark & refreshing, warm & inviting and eternal night.  You can't find us anywhere else, and our scents are as unique as our names!  You can purchase us alone or as a 'nightfall' pack in the shop!

THL: Well, thanks so much for stopping by today!  I hope this scenterview helped you to understand the complex scent of 'awakening'.

Til next time, but in the meantime, if you think 'awakening' would fit into your home ...