One-off fragrances for my nose + yours! Limited edition, 5oz mini mason jar testers that I make as a part of my creative process (once they’re gone, they’re gone!). These 5 oz masons burn for twenty-eight hours. Let me know what you think by sending me your review

Background Info on my Mini Me’s:

I’m always looking for new scents and I can’t help but toss a few fragrance oils into my cart when shopping with my suppliers. While the amount isn’t enough for a whole line of candles, it IS enough for a few 5 oz mini mason jars to sample on my nose and yours.  
If you’re like me, willing to take that risk on a new scent in your home without committing to a big candle, you’re on the right page!  (However, if you like your standby scents and don’t want to burn anything else thankyouverymuch, you can find my standard scents here.)