A Look At What I Do: Behind the Scents at The Happy Lotus


Behind the Scents at The Happy Lotus 

Did you know the pictures on my website are taken by me? Yep! I've enjoyed photography my whole life, and for a while I actually debated on going to school to become a photographer.

Truth? When I realized nights and weekends would be a requirement for what I wanted to do, (at least temporarily), it was a deal breaker for me.  However, I still continue to educate myself; there's always something new and exciting to learn!   

While making candles is a creative process, I also *really* enjoy setting up and taking photos shoots of my candles. I use props around my house, but it's also nice (and a job perk!), to buy a prop that I can reuse as decor.

Being able to eat my props after I'm done with a photo shoot is definitely an added bonus!  In the picture above, I was actually shooting for a future monthly mini, as well as one of my new summer scents.   

There's also a cute history of my wood backdrop that's in most of my product pictures, too!  Back when we first moved into our house in 2014, the previous owners had a picnic table they were using as a workbench.  I immediately wanted to re-finish & re-purpose it.  I cleaned it up, sanded it down, and stained it.  The end result?  I was so proud of  my work that I didn't want to put it outside and exposed to the elements typical of New England.  🙄

Little did I know that within a year, when looking for a nice backdrop to my candles that this table would be the perfect fit!  It ties in perfectly with the natural feel I like to project with my business, and provides that rustic look that really lets the candles and props be the focal point of my pictures.

I shared my picnic table pictures with the prior owners, and they told me their story on the picnic table ... when they first purchased it, it kept getting sap wherever they placed it, and that's how it ended up being their workbench!  

I'm so happy that I kept this piece of their past and incorporated it into such a big part of the visual aspect of my business.  Thanks, Terry & Kathy!