I make my candles with an all-natural soy wax, produced from American-grown soybeans, which means minimal soot buildup and a longer burn time.  

My candles are produced in my house, by me, with my family helping to sniff, smell, and hand-pour--always with a smile. As a tribute my journey into candle making, I stand on a yoga mat while prepping and pouring my candles.  Not only does it keep me grounded, but it’s a reminder to breathe slow and pour slow.

One of the greatest advantages of a soy wax candle is that it is completely renewable. The soy I purchase to make my candles has been American grown, and more than likely was in the ground less than a year ago! My eco-friendly all natural soy candles have been coupled with a lead and zinc free wick, giving you a burn that's clean and slow, with minimal soot buildup as well. 

Soy wax is a *memory* wax, so have your candle melt to the edges of the container to form a wax pool with each burning, otherwise you'll get a candle-tunneling effect. I have found burning candles in 3-4 hour time periods gives the best outcome. 


the burn times: 

  • 1.5 oz tins: 12 hours

  • 6 oz tins: 22 hours

  • 8 oz masons: 40 hours

  • 10 oz cubes: 36 hours

Curious about the size of my candles? The image to the right shows how they compare to an iPhone. 

some interesting tidbits about my candles:

  • My wicks have a natural wax coating, and are lead and zinc free.

  • Natural soy wax produces a clean burn, is non-toxic, and long lasting - made with American grown soy beans. While I smooth the surface of my candles after the wax has set, please allow for natural imperfections on the surface of the wax. They are minimal, if observable at all, and will 'melt away' upon burning your candle.

  • Unless otherwise noted, my candles are phthalate free, and I use just the right amount of both fragrance and essential oils to give you a pleasant but not overpowering scent.

  • When your candle has been exhausted, you can reuse and re-purpose the jar simply by removing any leftover wax and rinsing with warm soapy water. The wick base will come off as well and any residue can further be removed easily with goo cleaners.

  • My candles are shipped to you in kraft gift boxes, sealed and ready for gift-giving!